VersaBet Three-Four Key Features

  • Dedicated to the special needs of Pick-3 and Pick-4 players, with detailed analysis, projection, and bet creation functions for complete game management and bet control.
  • Provides in-depth and easy to understand reporting on pairs, combos, straights, and boxed, along with trend spotting and a game profile chart that pulls it all together.
  • Furnished with complete, up-to-date databases for every P3 and P4 game played in the US. Free database updates available via live link to our web site (updated weekly).
  • Offers powerful and flexible bet creation tools, including an IntelliPick-like bet generator for advanced filtering, and a variety of wheeling systems to match any budget. Also lets you design your own wheeling systems.
  • Allows importing and exporting of VersaBet Game and Bet files to and from VersaBet Lottery Manager 4 and Intelli-Pick, and exports as text or CSV for use in Excel or other spreadheets.
  • Easy to understand and use, with context-sensitive online help for every screen, and a detailed, illustrated user manual in electronic format suitable for printing.
  • Includes online and phone support, free updates to the current version via download from our Web site, and big discounts on upgrades to new releases.