VersaBet Lottery Software

Use VersaBet's multiple analysis to develop a systematic approach to your game, and a pattern of play that leads to consistent results. Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your lottery game.

Power and Versatility!

VersaBet combines sophisticated database management with powerful statistical analysis to easily control every aspect of your lottery play. Multiple analysis features let you examine any part of any game history for patterns and trends, and receive detailed on-screen and printed reports.

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use!

The VersaBet installation program automatically installs the software to your hard drive and sets it up to run in Windows, ios, or DOS. The QuickStart guide gets you up and running in no time, and the full detailed illustrated User Manual can be viewed on-screen or printed to your printer.

Unlimited Support and Free Updates!

JPM Computer backs up VersaBet with the best technical support in the industry. If you experience any problems when installing the software, or find yourself confused by a feature, help is just a phone call, chat or e-mail away.


  • For all lotto, keno, pick 3 and pick 4 lottery games!
  • Friendly, easy to use interface! No science degree needed to operate.
  • Detailed illustrated manual with tutorial included.
  • Automatic number set creation from past history!
  • Automatic bet creation from number-sets or files!
  • Generate bets with Key Numbers and user filters!
  • Comprehensive analysis functions!
  • Detailed reports printed on screen and to your printer!
  • Quick and easy updating of new drawing results, now with date tracking!
  • Powerful searching of bet and game files with numbers or other files. Winning numbers flagged!
  • Complete database functions; view, edit, update, delete, and insert records!
  • Over 100 wheeling systems included; add more at any time!
  • Up-to-date game histories included; create new games as they occur!
  • Updated game files posted weekly as free download!

JPM also keeps its customers advised of updates and enhancements that can be downloaded free from our web site.