PM Computer started producing lottery software in 1987 with an eye to exploring innovative approaches to lottery play. Since then, we have continually upgraded our software with new features while successfully striving to maintain ease of use.

Our software is, and has always been, user driven. We listen to VersaBet users and frequently incorporate their suggestions; another reason our customers keep coming back.


We believe it possible to stay financially ahead of the lottery games, and even, as so many of our customers have shown, to do very well indeed. The secret to this is understanding your game.

Understanding the game means to be aware of whatever patterns and trends exist in a particular lottery, to learn to spot them as they are developing, and to construct your bets to reflect them. Understanding is the key, and the keys to understanding are good tools. Hence, VersaBet.


Once you become a customer of JPM Computer you are provided with ongoing support. We willingly assist in the installation of our software, if needed, and are ready to aid you in any phase of its operation. We are available for customer support by e-mail at support@jpmcomputer.com, by phone between 10AM and 4PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday at 503-287-8952, and by fax at 503-287-8948.

Browse our online catalog at your leasure by clicking on any of the links in the navigation bar to the right on our home page. If you have questions, contact us by e-mail or give us a call at 503-287-8952.