I have versabet34 and last week was the first time i've used it with the new up dates. It predicted 8 out of 12 draws. All i could do was watch in amazement. I did hit 2 of the numbers. I am so excited, thank you for this program.

----- alice (detroit, mi)


Hit [Pick] 3 straight the 1st time I used [VersaBet] 4.0

Richard F. (San Diego, CA)


Just to follow up our conversation of the other day on 3/12/99 I hit the Mo. pk3 straight for $500.00 using the pairs report and the hot report and looking at consecutive numbers. then on 3/15/99 I hit 3 numbers on Mo. cash 5 again this is the fourth time for that in the past month I did that by using the hot/cold report and then the pairs and triple report to get what was hitting with the hot #.

Roger (KS,MO)


I tried the new version (Intelli-Pick 2.1) on the Texas Pick 3 on 7/3/2000.The numbers ,in exact order were 325.Intellipick came up with 352 in a field of less than 20 choices after I applied my filters.The numbers were there for 50 game and 25 game histories.I liked to use 38 and 24 but the new version insists on 25 as a minimum.352 was there for the 38 number history also.The Alternate method worked.


LaMarque, TX

Dear JPM,

Thought you'd want to know that your VersaBet 4 software, using Sum Analyzer, Bet Maker, and the Set Generator, hit a Jackpot for us in last nights (12/28/98) Fantasy 5 drawing. Anyone who played our bets published in Vol 4 No 1 of our magazine HIT THE JACKPOT.

L.S. Love

Lotto Edge Magazine

JPM Computer,

Just a letter to let you know how great your VersaBet program is. I have played the pick 3 for a number of years and in doing so have tried almost all of the systems and programs that are out there. I can say in all honesty that until I got your program I had had very little luck in hitting either box or straight numbers. In the first month that I had your computer program I had six winners, three of them straight. Your program shows you things that no other program ever has, with the PAIRS report and the COMBO report it hard not to hit. I just want to thank you for a program that really works.


Kansas City, Mo.

Good Day,

I have version 2.5 that I purchased a few years ago and was wondering if there are any upgrades... I recently won $25,000 in the West Virginia Cash 25 using the old version. Enjoy using VersaBet. Please contact me as soon as possible at my E-mail address...

Thank You,


West Virginia

JPM, just thought I let you know that I had another 4 number hit on the show me 5 using your software. One of these days I am going to get all 5 for the $25,000 but for just $3.00 dollars per night I am not doing too bad.

Roger (Kansas City, MO)

Yes, It is installed and working fine. Thanks for asking; it's nice to know JPM Computer is corncerned about it's customers. Now can you show other businesses on and offline how customer service works?


Houston, TX

Dear JPM,

Skulway Publishing has been using the VersaBet Tool Suite since 1989. We have had many financial windfalls from pursuing 3, 5, and 6 number lotteries. Today with VersaBet we feel that the 3 number lotteries can be a continuous source of income.

The people at JPM Computer have worked very hard, always encouraging suggestions for making VersaBet better and better. At this point we believe that VersaBet is light years ahead of any lottery software package available.


Skulway Publishing

Huntington Beach, CA